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Thank you Rabbi for your time and for letting me see and understand my human side.  With G‑d's help, this too will pass.  Toda raba!

- R.N.

Good morning:

Chag Samech Pesach:

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate both you and Chabad for all your spiritual and emotional support this Pesach.

I used (and thankful) for the Seder In A Box. The Haggadah and Pesach guide were very informative. The Pesach Mat, containers, and wine glass were amazing.

I read and printed out all the emails.

Again, Thank you for all the spiritual and emotional support.

- Beth Wein

Hello Chani
I was able to log in tonight to the Rabbis class, and it really spoke to me and helped give a new perspective & see this time (and last year since covid started) in a new light. 

Really, I am so grateful for your friendship and all the work that you do for our community. There have been many days I was frustrated that I can’t log into your class or the Thursday class, since the kids are home 24/7. Tonight’s class helped reframe the challenge through the wisdom of the Rebbe’s teachings. Can’t thank you and the Rabbi enough.

- Elizabeth

 Hi Chani, 

Wow! I couldn't contain myself with the amazing smell of bread and I just had to have a bite! Sooooooo incredibly delicious! My children will eat this up in two minutes. Thank you so much and the Menorah Lighting event was very special. 

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend. 


- Saylin Paez 

Hi Rabbi & Chani,

I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed the Drive Thru Chanukah Party. You  managed to make it so much fun in spite of Covid!! Thanks for all the hard work putting it all together so beautifully!!

- Dale Goldman

Dear Rabbi, 

Thank you so much for visiting us. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in welcoming us into your Chabad community. We are looking forward to join the Chanukah drive through event. 

Jeremy & Mellisa

Dear Rabbi,

I can’t thank you enough for the meals you are providing. Our family is going through many highs and lows and every day we face a new challenge. Please thank all the volunteers involved. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you! 

- R.L.

 Dear Rabbi & Chani,

When I light the candles on Shabbos, I remember my parents and I know how proud they would be of me. Chabad, through you, Rabbi, and Chani, has given me the opportunity to have a stronger understanding of myself as a Jew. When I first came to Chabad, I was afraid that my lack of knowledge would be a hindrance to feeling comfortable. Instead, I am more of who I am and more of who I want to be going forward. The more I learn from our talks and your classes the more I want to learn. I am incredibly grateful. When I say the prayers tonight, I will reflect on what I learned this week and how to apply my new knowledge in my life with family, friends, and people I have yet to meet.

Shabbat Shalom,

- Barbara Solano - Chotiner 

Dear Rabbi Gansburg,

I would like to thank you and Chabad of Palmetto Bay for the financial support you gave  me through Project Care.  

This act of kindness has ignited my spark which in turn will allow me to ignite the spark in others!  Your good deed will hopefully start a chain reaction of goodness and blessings spreading light and peace.  One small deed can tip the scales and allow G‑d to judge the world and all his creations in favor of a happy, healthy, and sweet new year!  May Hashem bless you!


Dear Rabbi,

I would like to thank the donor you introduced me for his generosity, as he may not know how important the computer is to me, as I make my living with it - it changes my Mazal, it changes my perspective for the future, and it fills my heart with hope.

This is a 'case' for a class, Rabbi, as I know for this personal experience that a gesture like this may be 'small' to a giver, but is 'huge' to a receiver - like Elie Wiesel said, "every moment contains a spark of eternity", every deed can change lives. 

My gratitude cannot be contained in words, so I will keep it simple - THANK YOU!

- IK


I've been going through  a challenging time for the past few weeks, as a close relative of mine has the virus. Chani's Challah came in the most perfect timing, hugs to your beautiful kids.

- Debbie K

 Dear Rabbi Gansburg,

Excellent class tonight! I enjoy how the more I learn the more everything ties together.

- Dan Hunt

 Dear Rabbi Zalman Gansburg,

Good afternoon! Please thank Mr. Jay Shechter & Mr. Michael Bernowitz for their donations. You give to people who are really in need and we appreciate your help so much. We are especially grateful for the school uniform. Thank you!

- M. G.

Dear Rabbi & Rebbetzin,

Thanks for sharing your sukkah with us today!
We had an opportunity to “shake our lulav” and sit and eat in the sukkah. We appreciated having the opportunity to share these mitzvot with you.  In this unusual world, it is even more important - for our souls and spirits - to have our traditional and “normal”
experiences - including those practiced during Sukkot.
Thank you again.


 Hi Chani,

Rosh Hashanah was good thank you. You guys did such a big effort wih the tent and the services. Ok I will do my best to attend the class.

- Y.C.

 Hi Chani,

I already dropped off the Machzorim at your home. Thank you very much for passing by yesterday for shofar blowing, it was very nice and emotional, thank for all the work you do.

- David Vogel

Dear Chani,

So my son was teaching me how to ride the hoverboard today and I was having trouble. He said, "Momma you need to focus on the fact that you can do it. If you really really want learn something you think about it and you can make it happen." He said, "You think about it and think about it and think about it. The rabbi told me that at Coral Reef!"

See even when you think these kids are not paying attention - they are. Tell your husband my 7 year old reused his lesson!

- Barbara Ferenczi

Chani, Your class today was fabulous!
Zelig says that you and the Rabbi are enlightening, spiritually supportive, kind, and thoughtful. You should both live until at least 120 and continue to bring your Torah knowledge and your light to the world!
BTW, we have been reading the Rebbe’s Bringing Heaven Down to Earth.

- Wendy ( Yocheved) Cohen

Dear Rabbi,

Thank you very much for your help.

As a kid I remember being told  "What a Mitzvah you’ve done!"  Now I’m saying to you and  Chani, "What a Mitzvah you’ve done!"

I enjoyed reconnecting with you and please forgive me for avoiding you, I’m not in a good place right now, so I’m glad that you took the initiative to surprise me with a visit. You and Chani are a blessing to the community.

Thank you, 

- B.M.

 Dear Chani,

Thank you so much for the meals. Our family is forever grateful for the Chabad’s continued generosity to our family and community. Thank you very much for all your hard work, motivation, and always with a smile!

- Rebekah G.