Check out whats happening at Hebrew School! Find photos below!

First day of Hebrew School!

All about Rosh Hashanah

Sukkot at Hebrew School

Chumash Party!

The 6 Days of Creation

Shabbat Experience!

Adam & Eve - Making the Right Choices

Noach's Ark

Chanukah Funday!

Our Hebrew Names

The Story of Avraham & Sara

Avraham's Guest and Homemade Laffas!

The Story of Yitzchak & Rivka!

"All for a Bowl of Soup"

The Purim Story

Family Hamantash Bake

Pesach Experience!

Yackov, Leah, Rochel & the 12 Tribes

Yosef's Dreams

Yosef & the brothers reunite

Lag Baomer & Shavuot

Conclusion of the Book of Bereishit!