Thank you for choosing Rabbi Zalman Gansburg to perform your wedding. The Rabbi will work closely with the bride and groom to ensure that the wedding experience is a meaningful, enriching, and fulfilling experience.

The following "Application for Marriage" (AOM) must be completed in its entirety.

If you cannot answer any question or for any concerns regarding the AOM, please call the Rabbi. Send the original completed AOM to the Chabad office at the address above.

Make a copy of the AOM for your records. All information in the AOM will remain confidential and stored in the personal files of the Rabbi.

After receiving the completed AOM, the Rabbi will confirm the date and time of the wedding.

The bride and groom will meet with the Rabbi to review all the details of the wedding ceremony.

The bride and groom will meet with the Rabbi to complete the series entitled "The Engaged Couple Course."

The Bride must complete 'Kallah classes' with a Rebbetzin where she will learn and observe the laws of Mikvah.

The Bride is encouraged to be dressed modestly for the wedding ceremony. The Rabbi will provide a standard Ketubah.

The Rabbi must approve any designed or decorative Ketubah to ensure that it is kosher.

It is expected that the food at the wedding reception will be kosher. Consult the Rabbi for all kashrut concerns.

Please provide the following items to Rabbi Zalman Gansburg

1. Your Hebrew names and the Hebrew names of your parents

2. A copy of your birth certificates

3. A copy of your parent's Ketubah

4. Two names and phone numbers (for each, bride and groom) of individuals who know your parents from childhood AND can vouch for your Jewish roots. Please ask them to write a letter explaining how they know you and how they can verify that you are Jewish. 

5. Provide a letter signed by a friend verifying that each of you are currently single and have not been married in the past.

6. A copy of "Get" & divorce papers or death certificate if previously married.

*The Rabbi will meet with the bride and groom to review their wedding plans and the ceremony procedures. The Ketubah and witnesses will be arranged by the Rabbi.*

Click here for the Bride's Application

Click here for the Groom's Application